Uber and Lyft Will Soon Offer Free Rides to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

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When it comes to vaccinating an entire country both quickly and efficiently, it’s essential to make it as easy as possible for people to go out and get a jab. The US faces a considerable challenge of vaccinating its population and has brought in the help of Uber and Lyft to achieve its goals.

The US Government’s Drive for a Vaccinated America

Surprisingly, this announcement didn’t come to us from Uber or Lyft. Instead, it came from the desk of the White House itself as a statement on the White House Briefing Room.

The US government has a colossal task on its hands, as it wants 70 percent of adult Americans to have at least one shot before July 4th. To do that, it needs to make going out and getting a jab as easy as possible.

To help it achieve this goal, the US government has struck a deal with Lyft and Uber. In the deal, people can use either service to find the vaccination centers that are closest to them.

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Once someone has found their ideal vaccination site, they can then apply for free transport. This plan allows people to get their vaccine, no matter their financial situation.

The White House expects the plan to come into effect sometime in the next two weeks, around the end of May 2021. The project will last until July 4, 2021, after which the vaccination goal will have hopefully been met.

The US government has more up its sleeve when it comes to helping people get their first shot. For instance, it wants to open up community colleges as vaccination sites to help shorten the distance for people looking for a nearby location.

Not only that, but the government wants to help give additional help to smaller communities and grassroots. This plan includes providing funding to help people get informed about the vaccine, when they can get it, and how safe it is.

Making Vaccinations Easier With Uber and Lyft

As the US government preps for a considerable challenge ahead of it, it needs to get all the assistance it can muster to hit its lofty goal. As such, American readers will soon get free rides via Uber and Lyft when it’s time to get the jab.

If you’re worried about getting the vaccine and its potential side effects, there are lots of ways to cut through the rumors and get the straight facts from the medical experts.

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